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Posted by Jill Delbridge on May 27, 2014 at 12:15 AM

DNA scattered upon oceans floor


remains wash up on a foreign shore


a skeletal jungle


birth out of hell


where sisters and brothers fell


their unrest souls wander round


a grimy


barren battleground


riddled in bloody stains , crimes


of greed , abuse of power , and mutiny


desecration - disinterment of their dignity


their story


re-scripted by a dishonorable country



lingering opaque haze


of a bureaucratic maze


cover ups


government ploys


and hush ups





casualties and fatalities


treated with disdain


pleas for justice await a revelation


in vain




haunting echoes ...


of machine gun rounds


and bombs bellow...


abominable sounds


pleas of mercy


brutal imagery ...


of burnt flesh, blood shed,


maimed bodies , visions of atrocities


and the dead


loiter war-torn mentalities



their honorable lips sealed in red tape


retched stench


of war and indifference


from which there is no escape




those who survived their stay


are existing


but, not living




no longer revered


discarded uncle sam tricks




Patriotic Soldiers who gave of themselves


loyal and selfless




representing and defending




in reverence




now wallow and endure


an endless tour


fighting a futile war


for this nations


wrong doings and sins



Impossible to win





and experimental





and psychological



addictive hallucinogens


administered as placation




anxiously await esteem


to be redeemed



through it all they maintain


a dedicated regime



Saluting the flag at ease


Proudly in fatigues !




While I completely abhor war and I am against violence.


I RESPECT Our Soldiers!



In Honor of...



All the Men , Women , and mere Children who are still serving and protecting


and all who lost their lives on and off the battlefield ,to those who have survived and returned home w/ battle


scars !I PRAY everyday for Justice and World Peace.


I APPRECIATE YOU All ! MUCH Respect , Peace ,ONE Love, & BLESSINGS !



JIll Delbridge






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